The Franklin Institute

Flight Avionics hits the mark on providing a thrilling and educational experience to our guests.  We are extremely pleased with how Flight Avionics has managed the exhibit and the equipment is state of art and exceedingly reliable.  We are very happy to be partnering with Flight Avionics.

- CHRIS RIZZO, Director of Business Operations 


USS Midway Museum

"The F/A-18 simulator experience with Flight Avionics has added a great deal of interactivity and realism to the aircraft carrier experience for our guests. Once you've walked around the flight deck and explored the rest of the ship, there's only one thing left to do and that's to launch and recover your Navy jet from the flight deck. That's exactly what our guests get to do with our Flight Avionics simulator and they love it!"

- Mac McLaughlin, President & CEO, USS Midway Museum


The Museum of Flight

Our work with Ken Foster and his team at Flight Avionics has been beyond our expectations in terms of support, availability and willingness to produce marketing programs to increase capture rate which relate to revenue. What we appreciated most about working with Flight Avionics is the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

Christian Bouchez, Visitor Services Manager at The Museum of Flight – Seattle, WA


Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial

"Thanks to Flight Avionics our customers can experience history in a whole new way as they rock, pitch and jolt their way through a simulated reconnaissance mission during the 1945 Battle for Iwo Jima in the flight simulator. Our overnight guests even come back in the morning and participate in a thrilling Desert Storm simulation. The equipment is reliable and state of the art…it has been great working with Flight Avionics!"

- Troy Collins, Past President & CEO, Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial


USS Hornet Museum

"We have used the flight simulators from Flight Avionics since we opened in 1998. They have proven to be a very important part of the Hornet Museum experience. From day visitors to live aboard groups to corporate dinners, there is always a line of people waiting to “take a ride”. Our relationship with FANA has truly been a WIN for the USS Hornet Museum."

- Ralph Johnson, USS Hornet Museum


USS Lexington Museum

The Lexington Museum has been associated with Flight Avionics of North America for over eighteen years. It has been an extremely beneficial relationship. The simulator is popular with the visitors, is highly reliable, and the people employed to operate it are top notch. Best of all it is a hands off operation from a management perspective. FANA provides all of the operations and maintenance support and Lexington shares in the revenue which over the course of eighteen years has been substantial.

- Rocco Montesano, USS Lexington Museum


Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center

"The Cosmosphere has been very pleased with the performance of the simulator from Flight Avionics. The team at Fight Avionics has been tremendous to work with and the simulator has been a great value add for the institution. Our visitors enjoy the excitement generated by the experience. The presence of the sim in our lobby fills the space with activity.”

- Jim Remar President and COO Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center